Winter Survey

Please take a few moments to answer this quick survey. Your responses will help us provide the best experience possible for our students. You may remain anonymous if you wish. However, if you would like a member of the management team to follow up with you on any comments you have made, leave your name at the bottom of the survey so that we can get in touch with you.

Did your child enjoy their theatrical education with DLC? *
Was this your first experience with DLC? *
Was the staff friendly and professional? *
Did you receive email communication from your child's director at least once per week? *
Was information conveyed clearly and effectively? *
Did the final showcase/performance adequately display the skills your child learned throughout the session? *
Please select the add-ons you consider valuable to your experience (check all that apply)
Did the add-on(s) meet your expectations? *
How likely are you to recommend DLC to others? *