“I know I’ve said to before, but I’ll say it again – we so appreciate DLC – [our daughter] feels safe and at home with you, stretching and growing in a nurturing, healthy environment. Theater is such a tough world, and DLC is giving her the skills to step out and excel, in spite of the fear that comes with her field of choice. Thanks for being there for her!”– Barb Cooper
"We had a wonderful experience with DLC. I was very impressed with the quality of the show. I was amazed at how you incorporated my daughter’s gymnastics ability into the show and made her feel like a superstar and she is only in Kindergarten! The kids had so much fun a rehearsals…they loved attending! You did a phenomenal job!”– Jill Dinoto
Drama Learning Center is a breath of fresh air in this high tech world we live in. You enter into a place where kids are given the freedom, permission and encouragement to be creative while learning valuable theater and life skills. The thing that touched our hearts the most is how inclusive DLC is, everyone gets a part in the production. There is no sitting on the bench for the majority while the "gifted" kids play the game, at DLC everyone matters equally. The members of the staff are some of the nicest and most genuine people you will ever know who truly have a passion for giving kids a real theater experience. We were so amazed that there is lighting, sound, costuming, sets, live music, videography and an actual theater. What a joy it is, as a parent, to sit in that theater and watch a cast of young artists take pride in presenting their work. We feel incredibly blessed to have been a part of this unique and memorable experience and what a privilege it is to say our daughters learned from the best. This has been the highlight of living in Columbia for our family and we say to the DLC Staff: We appreciate and value what you do, it matters very much in these young lives and you are amazing teachers and mentors. Thank You!Ron & Deborah D.
Thank you all so much, Hannah had a wonderful time. We were all a little hesitant, since she did not know any of the other children, but you obviously created an environment that was welcoming, nurturing, and fostered creativity and taking a chance to perform. DLC was wonderful when Hannah's mom participated in over 6 different shows and I am glad to see you have not only maintained the high level of caring for the children, but have gone beyond. Thank you again!Karyn G.
Again, hands down, it was an absolute fantastic party, and I'd have another party at DLC again! I also need to sign up Abbi for drama classes since she really loved being center stage ;) A special thank you to Dana for helping me come up with ideas for the party too. She did a superb job communicating what I wanted to the party leaders. I truly appreciate everything you all did to make the party a success and my little girl feel so special. Thank you,Kelli L.

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