Upcoming Facility Tours

Have you been following DLC for awhile but never had the chance to actually come inside and see what we do? We’re offering Facility Tours and Sample Classes this Spring! 

If you would like to get a taste for what class or camp feels like before you sign up, come join us on Saturday, April 28th or Saturday, May 19th to get a tour of our rehearsal and theatre spaces, meet teaching artists, and be led in a drama activity. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, and to register on site for an upcoming program if you haven’t already. And if you HAVE already signed up for class or camp, this is a great chance to come and see the space before your program begins!

These tours and sample classes are free and open to the public. All we ask for is an RSVP so that we know to expect you! Get started by filling out the form below. We look forward to seeing you soon at DLC!

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Snow Day Special

You can always count on Maryland weather to be… a little unpredictable. So, in prime Maryland weather fashion, it appears that most of us are holed up at home watching the snow come down. Since you have some time at home, we decided to do a little flash sale and offer some….

SNOW DAY SPECIALS! It’s not too late to get involved in Spring drama at DLC. We’re going to have a blast this Spring with Madagascar – a Musical Adventure. Many classes (are supposed to) start this week. You haven’t missed your chance, though! Register for a Spring Production or Beginning Acting Class today only using code WAIVELATE and we’ll waive the late registration fee.

Wondering what Madagascar is even about? Check out one of our recent blog posts detailing the story to get a taste of what’s in store.

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Madagascar – Five Fast Facts

We’re so excited to bring the 2005 DreamWorks Animation feature film Madagascar to dazzling life on our stage this Spring in Madagascar – a Musical Adventure. In anticipation of these fun-filled Spring drama classes, we’ve put together a couple of facts to get you in the Madagascar spirit. Are you ready??

  1. None of the main character animals (lion, zebra, giraffe, or hippo) are actually housed at the real-life Central Park Zoo. The Zoo does have penguins, though.

  2. In real life, King Julien wouldn’t be the king. In lemur tribes, they follow a matriarchal structure. The female lemurs are the ones who lead the tribes and do most of the fighting. Fans of the original movie generally reconcile this because Maurice, King Julien’s right-hand-lemur, announces him as the “self-proclaimed king of the lemurs.”
  3. Alex the lion considers himself to be an actor even though he’s also a great dancer.
  4. Gloria the hippo is a talented dancer and tightrope walker.
  5. In addition to numerous other ailments and phobias, Melman the giraffe ironically and hilariously suffers from Acrophobia (a fear of heights).

Thanks for stopping by for some of these fun facts about Madagascar. We adapted them from the Madagascar Wiki, so if you’re itching for some more Madagascar trivia, check them out! We hope to see you on our stage this Spring in a Production Class (grades 3-12, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, or Saturdays), Beginning Acting Class (grades K-2, Fridays or Saturdays), or Broadway Babies Class (ages 3-5, Saturdays or Tuesdays). Register by February 15th for $15 off tuition!

Winter Enrollment Update

Time is running out to participate in our exciting Winter session of Roald Dahl’s James and the Giant Peach! This fantastical tale based on one of Roald Dahl’s most beloved novels has been set to music by hit Broadway duo Pasek & Paul (Dear Evan Hansen). Tuesday Elementary/Middle School started this week, and the rest of our popular Production Classes are slated to start soon.

Ms. Amy’s Tuesday Elementary/Middle Musical Theatre on the first day of class – Winter 2017-18

Here’s a quick update on where we stand with our classes. If you’ve been on the fence about registering, now is the time to commit so that you don’t miss out!

  • Tuesday Elementary/Middle (with Ms. Amy): Started this week. A few slots still remain. Call us at (410) 849-6335 to register by phone and set up an audition before the start of the next class.
  • ​Wednesday Elementary/Middle (with Ms. Debbie): Starts next week. A handful of spots remain. Register online or call us at (410) 849-6335 so that we can hold a spot for you.​
  • Friday Elementary (with Ms. Debbie): Starts January 5. Only a few spots remain, and this class routinely fills. Register online today to ensure you can participate in this highly-coveted class.
  • Saturday Middle/High School (with Ms. Amy): Starts January 6. Over half full, and this class routinely fills. Don’t wait until the holidays to try to register. Secure your spot online today or call us at (410) 849-6335 so that we can hold a spot for you.
  • Homeschool Musical Theatre (with Ms. Sarah): Starts January 4. Ask about our sibling discounts and enrollment deposit program. This is also a great class for groups from small independent schools. Give us a call at (410) 849-6335 to talk with us about partnering with your local Montessori school or Homeschool Co-Op for a discounted rate.​

That’s not all we’ve got in store this Winter. Also check out our Broadway Babies: Fairy Tale Adventure classes for preschool students and Disney’s Sleeping Beauty presented by our Beginning Acting Classes. Both of those programs begin in the New Year and are filling up quickly!

Do you have any other questions? Drop us a line in the form below and we’ll get right back to you!

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5 Facts About the 3 Good Fairies

We’re going to have so much fun bringing the story of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty to magical new life on our stage this Winter in our Beginning Acting Classes! Let’s learn a couple of facts about some of the main characters in this classic Disney fairytale ahead of our Winter session.

  1. Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather are also known collectively as the “Three Good Fairies.” Flora wears red, Fauna wears green, and Merryweather dresses in shades of blue.
  2. As a group, the three good fairies have powerful magical abilities, channeled by their wands. They are able to do many magical things such as shrinking in size, flying, bringing inanimate objects to life, and putting people to sleep.
  3. The three good fairies were inspired by the seven fairies from the original “Sleeping Beauty” fairy tale by Charles Perrault.
  4. The three good fairies are also Princess Aurora’s guardians. They raise her in a woodcutter’s cottage in the forest to protect her from Maleficent.
  5. Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather don’t just appear in the original film or in our stage adaptation. Their characters can also be found in Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams, Disney Junior hit show Sofia the First, live action film Maleficent, and Descendants 2.

Join Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather this Winter in Beginning Acting Class on Friday evenings or Saturday mornings. These drama classes designed especially for students grades K-2 will round out your student’s performing arts education this Winter perfectly! Register today for a chance to come on our annual NYC bus trip– this year to see Disney’s Frozen on Broadway while seats are still available.